The Story of How Katrina Bookman Almost Won a $43 Million Slots Jackpot

Katrina Bookman $43 Million Jackpot

Anyone who walks around a gambling club with their well deserved cash good to go has one thing as a main priority — winning. Obviously, winning isn’t generally in the cards with regards to club betting, yet the fantasy perseveres in any case.

Whether it’s an immense moderate big stake on the openings, an illustrious flush hand pay in video poker, or a “Downpour Man” like streak at the blackjack tables, beating the house for boatloads of money is an objective that joins all speculators. Yet, sometimes, what is by all accounts a lavish success to the unaided eye is in the long run uncovered to be only a deception.

On account of Katrina Bookman, what gave off an impression of being an extraordinary gaming machine bonanza from the start was simply an illusion.

What’s Katrina Bookman Story?

In late August of 2016, 44-year-old Bookman visited the Resorts World Casino in Jamaica, Queens, to partake in a couple of twists on the spaces. On that day, Bookman chose to play the Sphinx Wild game, an essential 5×5 reel arrangement opening made by International Game Technology (IGT).

Playing for 40 pennies for each twist on the 40-payline “penny machine,” Bookman and her accomplice couldn’t accept the obvious reality when the game screen illuminated and froze completely still. She took an energized selfie close to the screen, which shows her last twist that read the accompanying message:



Normally, Bookman was decidedly radiating proudly and happiness. Very quickly, she harkened back to her more youthful days skipping between child care and vagrancy.

As she later told ABC-7 NY News, Bookman couldn’t exactly help herself from making arrangements for her monstrous eight-figure payday:

“I continued to ponder my loved ones. The battle I’ve experienced, it’s difficult to adapt.”

Having brought up four kids effectively into adulthood, on her own bear in mind, Bookman immediately reserved $1 million for her child’s for quite some time held fantasy about claiming a barbershop.

Tragically for the Bookman family, those fantasies were immediately run when gambling club the executives guided her off the gaming floor. They advised her to return tomorrow to find out about the setting’s “official decision.”

Sphinx Wild Slot Machine

That language was clearly disturbing, however Bookman obediently got back to pose the exceedingly significant inquiry:

“I got out whatever did I win? (The club rep said) You didn’t not win anything.”

As indicated by Bookman, the higher-ups at Resorts World Casino told her that the titanic big stake was essentially the result of a machine breakdown. To compound an already painful situation, the board supposedly offered her $2.25 — the sum they said she legitimately won on the pivotal twist — alongside a free fancy meal.

Out of nowhere gone up against with such pounding disillusionment, Bookman straight denied the “proposition” and set to work reaching a lawyer.

For what reason Did the Casino Decide to Void Bookman’s Massive Jackpot?

In the club’s true explanation to CNN Money, Resorts World agent Dan Bank made sense of why Bookman’s evident bonanza had disintegrated:

“Club work force had the option to discover that the figure showed on the penny opening was the consequence of a conspicuous glitch – a reality later affirmed by the New York State Gaming Commission.”

To be sure, had the almost $43 million payday been granted, Bookman would’ve broken the American opening bonanza record of more than $39 million. That tremendous take was packed away by an unknown champ at the Excalibur gambling club in Las Vegas back in 2003.

Urgently, notwithstanding, the 2003 score was guaranteed on the Megabucks opening, another IGT item that seeds its tricky moderate big stake with a $10 million beginning stage.

Concerning Bookman, she was playing Sphinx Wild, a standard space game which isn’t connected to any wide region moderate big stake organizations. Accordingly, the posted most extreme payout on Sphinx Wild stands at $6,500. It’s a nice benefit, however one which could not hope to compare to the award Bookman accepted to be hers.

Like pretty much every gambling machine on the planet, this specific Sphinx Wild game at Resorts World was decorated with the accompanying disclaimer:


As per Resorts World and the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC), that disclaimer furnishes the gambling club with all the security it needs in cases like this. Besides, the club declares that Bookman ought to have been realized that a non-moderate big stake game could never pay out the biggest bonanza at any point won on American soil.

Regardless, Bookman would not give up her case and took her case to lawyer Alan Ripka.

How Did Bookman’s Legal Team Respond to the Casino’s Claim?

In a meeting with ABC-7 NY News, Ripka framed his client’s dispute that the gambling club ought to be on the snare — breakdown etc.:

“You can’t guarantee a machine is broken on the grounds that you believe it should be broken. Does that mean it wasn’t examined? Does it mean it wasn’t kept up with?

What’s more, assuming this is the case, does that imply that individuals that played there before [Bookman] had no possibility winning?”

Obviously, the gambling club has kept its own cards near the vest. At the point when Ripka mentioned a more nitty gritty clarification regarding the glitch’s temperament and beginnings, Resorts World declined to remark further. Moreover, in the wake of being named as a respondent close by the gambling club’s parent organization, IGT likewise decided to remain hush.

Contending that the trial has caused Bookman both critical “mental agony” and “huge” monetary misfortune, Ripka considered Resorts World and IGT to be “careless.”

Big stake Money

In the previously mentioned interview, Ripka inquired as to why the gambling club ought to be permitted to keep the cash Bookman lost on that Sphinx Wild machine, all while declining to pay when she apparently won:

  • “They win and the house would rather not pay out. To me that is out of line.
  • The machine takes your cash when you lose. It should pay it when you win.”
  • While apparently looking for $43 million in punitive fees to match the screen’s big stake show, Ripka contended that Bookman ought to, in any event, get the machine’s maximum payout of $6,500.
  • Bookman promptly concurred, telling the neighborhood media source that she would be satisfied with that result.

How Did Bookman’s Legal Case Proceed From There?

Subsequent to scouring the web for additional notices of Bookman, Resorts World Casino, and the NYSGC, no fresh insight about a settlement or administering can be found.

Given the verifiable realities of her case — Sphinx Wild doesn’t offer multimillion-dollar bonanzas and the machine plainly states breakdowns void all payouts — a virtual conviction Bookman’s case was in the long run denied.

This result would adjust to lawful points of reference laid out in a few comparative cases including opening bonanza breakdowns.

Two years earlier, a 90-year-old grandma saw her space game in Iowa City report a $41 million big stake. While she had her questions in light of past experience playing penny machines, the lady held out trust that the big stake was authentic.

In the long run however, the Iowa Supreme Court decided for Isle Casino Hotel. Finding that a provable breakdown had made the screen present the exorbitantly high payout, the Court denied the nonagenarian’s case.

Tragically for Bookman and other genuine cash spaces players, present day machines furnished with automated irregular number generators (RNGs) can and do breakdown. Furthermore, protected by business-accommodating state guidelines, alongside those omnipresent “Breakdown VOIDS ALL PAYS AND PLAYS” marks, gambling clubs generally have the high ground in cases like this.


Bookman’s story is sad no doubt, as any player who pursues the huge big stakes can validate. To crush out heaps of twists more than quite a while before at last interfacing for a multimillion-dollar big stake is a really extraordinary encounter. Observing all of that vanish in a moment, through no shortcoming of your own, would be crushingly difficult.

So, Bookman had a couple of signs before her which proposed that the large win was unrealistic. Yet again hopefully Lady Luck grins her direction, just for genuine this time.

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