Overview of the Olympus Infinity Slots

GamesLab, an Australian development firm, has partnered with fellow countrymen at ReelPlay once again, this time to license Infinity Reels. One of the most prominent slot machine themes, Ancient Greece, is featured in GamesLab’s latest Infinity Reel slot, Olympus, which is a sequel to the similarly popular Infinity Reel slot, Royal Dragon, which was based on a mythical Chinese dragon. Frenzy Spins, Infinity Bonuses, and free spins with a progressive symbol multiplier are all present and same in all games, as is a very unoriginal theme.

Olympus Infinity Reels’s aesthetic is quite close to that of Royal Dragon’s. While the subject matter may not be as ethereal as before, the soaring cliffs, brilliant oceans, and dark sky certainly are. Let’s give the game some credit for trying something new in the realm of Ancient Greek slot machines. The 3-reel, 4-row grid is interesting, and the game’s symbols, which have a solid, mythical feel to them, are well-drawn. GamesLab’s treatment of Greek mythology is bolstered by a suitably epic score. While some firms, such Olympus Infinity Reels, approach their work with a lighthearted cartoon sensibility, others, like Disney, take their work seriously.

Bets on Olympus Infinity Reels may range from 30 p/c to £/€120 each spin, and the slot can be played on any device. The game’s statistics are a bit of a hodgepodge. Although the game’s extremely volatile mathematical model should appeal to serious gamblers, it ultimately falls short unless you’re ready to risk it all in a gamble round. The RTP fluctuates a little bit as well. Depending on the accepted feature (more on this below), the standard value ranges from 95.61 percent to 95.72 percent, with a substantial increase to 97.38 percent if free spins are purchased instead.

There are ten standard pay symbols to be found while perusing the paytable, including four low-value diamonds and six characters like owls, cyclops’s, minotaurs, Medusa, Cerberus, and a ram. Zeus himself appears on the reels as the wild symbol, which may replace any other icon save the Lightning Bolt tile (which we’ll get to in a moment).

Slot Functions of Olympus Infinity Reels

There’s a lot to go over, what with the Frenzy Spins, the Infinity Bonus, the Feature Trail, the Free Spins, and the Free Spins Gamble feature, all of which are related to the Infinity Reels feature.

The Infinity Reels mechanism guarantees that every spin will begin with the same number of reels. If the fifth or more matching symbols on the rightmost reel make a winning combination, an additional reel will be added. When a better winning combination is achieved on the subsequent reel, the procedure is repeated until no further winning symbols emerge. Technically speaking, there is no upper limit to the number of reels that may be added to Olympus Infinity Reels, therefore the name is spot on.

As the number of winning spins increases, more reels are added, and a symbol multiplier is activated. Each additional reel increases it by 1, starting at x1. Between each paid spin, the win multiplier resets to 1. There is no maximum win that may be achieved. If 12 or more reels are added in a single spin, players receive an extra Infinity Bonus worth 200 times their wager. The Infinity Bonus is not affected by symbol multipliers.

A Frenzy Spin can also be triggered at any time during the main game. For the current spin only, a Frenzy Spin will increase your payout by a factor of 2, 3, 4, or 5.

The last icon is a bolt of lightning, and when it’s part of a winning combination, free games with an additional bonus are awarded. You may either pick this option or keep looking for a better one. Free spins can be standard, super, or mega, and are determined by spinning a 12-segment wheel. The Cerberus, Chimera, and Zeus features increase the player’s odds of triggering more advantageous free spins rounds. The portions will be as follows, depending on your current level:

Cerberus has 12 rounds of free spins: 11 standard rounds and 1 super round.

Chimera has a total of 11 bonus spins: 6 regular spins, 5 super spins, and 1 mega spin.

Zeus: 12 rounds of free spins (6 mega and 6 super).

The standard eight free games are awarded, but the super free games have a guaranteed wild on reel two. A minimum of two wild symbols are always present on reel 2 during colossal free spins. The symbol multiplier increases continuously from +1 to +5 during free spins. The amount of the increment increases with winning spins and decreases with losing ones. If you get a lightning win, you get 8 more free spins. Players can choose to either collect their coins at the end of the free spins or risk them for a chance to win up to five times their initial worth.

Finally, gamblers from outside the United Kingdom can purchase access to the bonus round for 83.33 times their wager. It rotates a 12-slot wheel with standard, super, and giant free spins as possible outcomes.

The Final Say on Olympus’s Infinite Reels

When playing Olympus Infinity Reels, you could get the impression that you’ve seen the game—or at least most of it—before. The game is quite similar to Royal Dragon Infinity Reels, which was very similar to ReelPlay’s Giza Infinity Reels, an Egyptian-themed slot machine. From the gamble function to the increasing and decreasing symbol multipliers, not much has changed. The location may have changed, but the Greek Gods and Mount Olympus are hardly novelties in the iGaming world. Overall, Olympus Infinity Reels is so devoid of innovation that you begin to question why it even existed. It might be a smash with fans of Infinity Reels, but its existence could be questioned by others.

The gaming experience is the same as before; Olympus IR utilizes Infinity Reels to a satisfactory degree and is satisfied to leave it at that. Potentiality is an intriguing issue. If you use the gamble function, you may increase your maximum win from the main game or bonus game to 10,000 times your wager. However, the win ceiling should be safe because the gamble option is capped at 5 times the amount earned from free spins.

If you haven’t jumped on the Infinity Reels bandwagon yet, Olympus Infinity Reels probably won’t change your mind. There isn’t much here that we haven’t seen before, making the whole thing feel like an appealing copy-and-paste job.

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